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Lee Mission Cemetery is a historic pioneer cemetery listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  It is not endowed, meaning perpetual care is not provided by the Association.  The cemetery is a non-profit corporation
with a 501(c) (3) exemption as allowed by the IRS.
  The cemetery is privately owned and managed by a volunteer Board of Directors.  The Board of Directors retains the right to assign and regulate rules associated with the use of the cemetery.


Hours Open for Visitation

May 1 thru Sep 30     Daily 8 am to 8 pm
Oct 1 thru April 30    Daily 8 am to 6 pm

No Exceptions:  The cemetery is patroled by Prostar Security.  Anyone still in the cemetery at closing with be asked to leave and the gate is locked at that time.  Anyone in the cemetery after the gate is locked will be reported to the Salem Police Department under Trespassing Ordinance SRC 95.550


Cemetery Burial Rules and Regulations


1.    There is a charge for any burial within the cemetery. The fee for internment whether a coffin or an urn, is assessed through any licensed mortuary. A marking fee is charged for locating and marking the site for burial.


2.   Transfer of ownership of a burial space must be recorded with the Lee Mission Cemetery. There is a charge of $50 for transfer of deeds. All burials, whether initial or additional, must be recorded with Lee Mission Cemetery.


3.   Burials shall be made with the approval of those persons having authorization as defined by state law. The names of authorized burials for each plot must be given at time of purchase. Changes must be submitted in writing with authorization from deed owner and/or interested parties.


4.   All outstanding fees assessed on lots must be paid prior to installation of any burial or cremains. No Markers, Monuments or Memorials may be installed on any lot which has not been paid in full.


5.   No cremated remains may be placed in the cemetery without authorization from the Lee Mission Cemetery Board. An approved coffin or urn must be used.


6.    Purchase of a single lot as burial space at a price of $1200 allows for one coffin and one urn OR for 2 urns. In the RA and RC sections, 2 ground level markers may be used on each lot. No above ground markers or monuments are allowed in these sections. Lots initially purchased as a single burial incur a fee of $400 to add a second cremains.


7.   Marker dimensions are a 24 x 12 x 4 marker to mark a single grave single interment, a 36 or 48 x 12 x 4 to mark two side by side graves single interment in each grave and a 30 x 18 x 4 to mark a single grave double interment.


8.   In choosing grave markers, owners need to keep in mind the design of the cemetery. All markers and their installation must be approved by the cemetery association. All markers are to be set with a four inch concrete border.



General Rules


The following rules and regulations have been established to allow the Lee Mission Cemetery Board of Directors to maintain control over the operation of the cemetery and are not designed to hinder anyone the use of the cemetery. Any questions should be addressed to Lee Mission Cemetery PO Box 2011 Salem, OR 97308, or by calling (503) 851-1803.


This cemetery is the resting place for generations of Oregonians. It is a sanctuary of life, love, and memories. Respect the solemnity of the graves and others’ property by following these rules and regulations.


1.     No pets allowed.

2.     No loitering.

3.     No parties, alcoholic beverages or drugs are allowed on cemetery grounds. Salem police may be notified of any of these activities.

4.     No music allowed except for funeral services, same day only.

5.     No tents or awnings allowed except for funeral services, same day only.

6.     No BBQs, open flames or candles are allowed.

7.     You are responsible for removing your own garbage. Please use trash containers provided or take it with you.

8.     No parking on lawns or gravesite areas. No parking on roadways unless visiting a grave.

Rules for Headstones and Around Graves


Lee Mission Cemetery is not responsible for any damage or missing items to headstones or items placed on graves.


A.   Artificial flowers are not allowed April thru September. Fresh flowers are allowed year-round.

B.    The following items are prohibited:

C.    breakables including glass or ceramic vases and candles,

D.   rocks, tiles, and marbles,

E.    fencing or other structures.

F.    No plants, flowers, or decorations may be placed more than 12 inches away from headstone.

G.   Trees, shrubs, or flowers may not be planted on the plot.


 Thank you for your cooperation















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